Thursday, May 21, 2009

we are UP

ok, my new blog....oh its so beautiful! up and ready, yes i have a few tweaks here and there to deal with but i love it so much i just had to get this thing rolling NOW! update your bookmarks, your rss feeds or whatever madness you like to get there!
here is the new place to go

and oh boy, another thing to do here.....a twitter? yes, im going to give this a test run! you can do a search and follow .....
look for rachellephoto

(what better excuse to buy an iphone)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

new blog

yes yes YES i am getting a entire new blog here soon! the blog stats are getting a huge amount of traffic these days and i really really need to update this thing! the images i upload to this are so darn small and the colors tend to be off sometimes.
it will be just a bit before i do next blog post here. i cannot wait to share monika and jeffs wedding pics from wine and roses yesterday.....hopefully get this rolling this week.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stars are aligning!

so back to trade show talk in vegas. i knew i was in the market for some textures, actions and effects for a select handful of pictures for weddings and other shoots. i came across the booth of the awesome marcus bell from australia. not only is he one of the most amazing and well accomplished photographers in the world, but also speaks at seminars, book author and now is creating the most amazing photoshop and lightroom products. one of his team members spent a ridiculous amount of time with me until i felt i knew how to use this stuff....poor him...yikes i talked his ear off and played 50 questions with him. so i was sold and bought the whole set up which i LOVE so much more than i thought i would. i love the textures and effects but was so leary about buying them, i was afraid that my images would look different, my shooting would have to change, but this program can be so subtle yet so explosive on certain images. i spent a good day or 2 glued to my computer playing with this, so i decided to send this marcus bell my finished product and of course the huge thank you for eating up so much time with his fellow shooter....much to my surprise, HE WROTE ME BACK! he liked my image so much he asked about posting it on his blog as a before and after sample of his software. to get recognition from such a leading photographer in the the beyond my wildest imagination and beats any ad, or any contests, or any other accomplishment i have done in this business. i am truly beside myself and so honered to have any mention in his blog.
you can visit his blog.....AND SEE MY PIC ....and of course he lists all his fabulous software that i bought and love using.

Marcus Bell / Studio Impressions check out this posting here from marcus bell site:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sacramento bride and groom magazine

sacramento bride and groom magazine new issue is out, and i have been chomping really really really hard to finally hold these beauties in my hands. both of these images were voted as first and second place covers.....YAY!! my very first bridal covers ever!! oh they are soo so pretty in person, and i am still so excited about this. also inside is dianna and ralphs gorgeous 6 page spread. they were married at scriber bend in may. HOLY COW- i never thought i would go into a grocery store or book store and see my images on a mag cover sitting on a magazine rack. its just weird....but weird-ly awesome!!

real weddings magazine

the new issue of real weddings magazine came out just a short time ago. my beautiful couple torie and morrison were chosen as 1 of 22 features they have running this issue.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sooooooo EXCITING!!

sacramento bride and groom magazine puts on their twice a year magazine entry cover submissions. so trying again i grabbed some fav's of 2008 in hopes i would at least rank in there somewhere. so i got the call last week that not only did i win 1st place, but i also won second place!! OMG!! i know i made a crazy spastic fool of myself on the phone when i got the news. i spent the next hour calling all of friends--so these cover images will be december and (i think) march. arent these two just beauties-not only are the just plain gorgeous, but they are also beautiful inside, ive established really great relationships with both these lovelies and they were just perfect cover brides!! (the text on these are just sample text by the way) i am so beyond excited and so fluttery about this, my very first bridal magazine is damn good!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sac news and review

i was SO excited to open my email this morning from a friend congratulating me for #3 "best of" sacramento photographer in the sacramento news and review. i said, are you JOKING!!?? the cool thing about it is its readers choice and not all the political hub-bub. whatever it is and whoever voted and however i got there, HECK YA I WILL TAKE IT !!